Moo and Me – Marina Evans and Judy Maré


“Moo and Me” is a non-fiction children’s story and activity book telling the story of a rescued dairy bullock’s extraordinary life, and the unique bond and connection formed between human and animal. Marina Evans living in the Western Cape in South Africa, is the moo momwho, through their adventures together and while caring for MooMoo, represented a mother figure in the life of this animal; a special soul. This true story is told from Marina’s perspective and emphasizes the real-life experiences showing sentience, the ability of animals to think and feel… and mostly their need to form strong friendships.

Sold By: Marina Evans

The story, fact and activity book, written by Judy Maré and Marina Evans, illustrated and published by Judy Maré Chameleon books; is aimed at a wide age range of children, with something in it for every age group. Even adults can find easy facts and reminders of what is needed to start a food garden as a family activity or start with greens in the kitchen windowsill. Parents, grandparents or teachers can find inspiration for engaging and educational activities with children. It could simply facilitate spending time together by playing the Moo game or create conversation with children around the facts in the greening section.

An eight-page Fact section with descriptive photographs on how to care for animals, feeding, awareness of their sentience and ability to think and feel. This section includes information about farming methods and the effects, as well as promoting ‘going the green route’ for the health and future of the planet. It also has a short section to encourage children to eat more vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruit.